We are a Frankfurt-based, independent, and owner-led investment management firm.

Our focus lies on two proprietary investment strategies that generate long-term equity-like returns with less than equity-like volatility: a long-only high-yield fixed income strategy and an option-based equity strategy (“Prämienstrategie”).

FAM Frankfurt Asset Management has three lines of business: private clients, institutional clients (family offices, foundations, fund-of-funds, wealth managers, insurers) and mutual funds. For our private clients we develop tailor-made multi-asset solutions that go beyond our two proprietary investment strategies. In our institutional business we focus on delivering our proprietary investment strategies adjusted to the individual client’s risk-return profile.

Our team has a broad range of skills, professional backgrounds, and international experience. We are an equal opportunity employer who values diversity of thought, the ability to simplify complexity, and authenticity.

As an owner-led firm we focus on the long-term, with the intention to foster sustainable relationships with clients and business partners. At FAM Frankfurt Asset Management, we are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. We are BaFin regulated.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on our deeply held belief - backed by our extensive professional experience - that it is possible to generate long-term equity-like returns with lower than equity-like volatility. To implement this view, we run two proprietary investment strategies that benefit from existing structural market inefficiencies allowing us to reduce risk without compromising returns: a long-only high-yield fixed income strategy and an option-based equity strategy (“Prämienstrategie”).

Our team has a long and successful track record in both strategies. Our investment process is 100% based on fundamental proprietary research - the cornerstone of our idea generation. Combined with the open culture and diversity of thought within our investment team (comprised of our management board, investment analysts, and trader), this allows us to uncover investment opportunities with attractive risk-reward profiles and favourable asymmetric payoffs.

FAM Frankfurt Asset Management AG

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